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Due Diligence Exchange (DD-x) From AlternativeSoft

Due Diligence Made Simple

Due diligence can be exceptionally time-consuming, when you have to deal with the collection of returns, estimates, weights, documents and questionnaires. In the past, that’s meant a lot of admin and paperwork, as well as endless hours spent chasing up fund managers and liaising with other colleagues.

But that’s all about to change with the Due Diligence Exchange (DD-x) from AlternativeSoft. Whether you are a hedge funds or mutual funds’ investor, the AlternativeSoft platform now comes with all the tools you need to perform due diligence in a fraction of the time, including all of this:

  • Fully Audited & centralised scalable Digital Due Diligence process
  • See Due diligence real-time process within your team and fund managers progress and completion
  • Digital industry and custom questionnaires, reporting requests, regulatory and compliance data reports
  • Data repository & Data collection, aggregation, consolidation
  • Custom fund managers proprietary rankings
  • Combine Quantitative & qualitative data and analysis
  • Embedded analytical solution: Compare, create Peer Group, watchlist, portfolios
  • Generated automated funds factsheet & reports
  • Collect NAVs, returns, estimates, exposure data and more directly from the fund managers
  • Returns’ in-depth analysis

While some investors do have tools to help carry out these activities, due diligence still involves repetition and a lot of manual work. Along the way, this can significantly increase the risk of error.

DD-x keeps everyone on the same page

It’s made all the more complicated by the fact that there can be many people involved with research, compliance, diversity, risk and other financial factors associated with due diligence. What’s more, not everyone has the same way of working, meaning results can be inconsistent, unreliable and prone to error.

DD-x solves this provides a central point of contact for communication between all parties involved in due diligence, standardising the procedures used to deliver insights and improve collaboration for informed decision making.

Most investors and asset managers will already be familiar and comfortable with the intuitive interface offered by DD-x. Here’s we take a more in-depth look at the functionality and features:


Currently, investors must screen money managers, request in-depth information and conduct follow-ups, before they are able to make an informed investment decision. It’s a bureaucratic and lengthy process, but essential in order to deliver the best outcomes. DD-x has been designed to make all of this seamless and can even be customised to meet the individual needs of users. And that’s just where the advantages begin.

DD-x digitises, automates and streamlines the entire process for both investors and managers. Instead of a pile of convoluted paperwork, questionnaires and forms, DD-x provides a single due diligence questionnaire in a digital format. That way, investors can get the answers they need faster, along with a range of easy-to-use features that can be used to quickly compare fund managers against their peers (using funds in the HFRI or Eurekahedge indices for hedge funds, and those in Morningstar groups for mutual funds).


When it comes to collaborating with other team members involved, DD-x makes it possible for everyone to have full visibility of the digital questionnaire at each point in the process with a detailed record on when the questionnaire was sent, received and updated. With all questionnaires centralised and accessible by authorised stakeholders in this way, the entire process becomes much more efficient and faster to complete.

By offering a single, simple digital platform for returns, DD-x makes it easier for all stakeholders to stay up to date with progress. The result is better, more efficient outcomes.

…and analyse

Getting better results for investors means spending less time on chasing returns and more time on quantitative analysis. Which is where AlternativeSoft’s platform really comes to life. With the elimination of the manual processing of returns and forms, fund managers now have more time to focus on the business of investment analysis and delivering better returns for their clients. DD-x accelerates all aspects of due diligence by allowing information to be accessed instantly with a simple click instead of searching and reviewing multiple documents. And, if required, off-platform quantitative analysis is also available through a Python/Json interface.

DD-x makes it easier for everyone

The benefits are clear. With DD-x, funds can now be researched and monitored more accurately, so fund managers can flag and prioritize funds for follow-up using AlternativeSoft’s scoring mechanism.

AlternativeSoft DD-x has all the tools built in to help you make better decisions faster. From fund manager search, analysis, digital due diligence and selection, to portfolio stress testing, portfolio whatif, portfolio management accounting with your funds. No external API are needed. It’s all there in one audited due diligence web platform.

Since 2005, AlternativeSoft has been giving fund of funds managers the power to identify and select the best funds when it comes to building and optimising portfolios. With AlternativeSoft, funds managers can compare a wide range of scenarios side by side, evaluating the results of adding additional funds, different weights and exposures.

Find out more about AlternativeSoft DD-X and its award winning analytical software by visiting our website and taking a demo.

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