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See your fund through the eyes of an investor with AlternativeSoft’s market-leading quantitative analytics, used by some of the world’s largest institutions. Benchmark performance, create reports and hone your quantitative pitch.

AlternativeSoft offers valuable insight into how a manager’s funds are being perceived by end investors.

AlternativeSoft provides cutting edge analytics and statistics to identify peer group outperformance and highlight these opportunities to potential allocators through customisable reports.

View how allocators assess fund performance against peers and industry benchmarks.

Choose data from a wide variety of sources and create bespoke factsheets highlighting outperformance through chosen parameters and display these statistics in a highly flexible format.

Distribute these customisable factsheets over multiple platforms and raise interest and assets through more transparent and focused communications with your existing and new investor client base.

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Fund Analysis

Fund Analysis

Ensure your manager research teams are monitoring the best funds on the market with the best fund selection software. Whether it is monitoring new launches or benchmarking established names against peers, AlternativeSoft's fund reporting software has proven to be the most comprehensive tool for all your fund analysis needs.

  • Statistical Analysis: Calculate periodic returns, alpha, beta, correlation and outperformance.
  • Peer Analysis: Benchmark your fund against up to 10,000 peers, create your own peer groups, use HFRI, Eurekahedge or HFM Index constituents, as well as Morningstar category constituents in order to better understand relative performance.
  • Asset Search: Select your criteria and screen multiple databases to identify peer group outperformance.(and search any fund databases to find competitors and understand if and how your fund stands out.)

Customized Reporting

Customised Reporting

Take the strain out of reporting. With AlternativeSoft’s fund reporting software and the use of our Excel API, it’s never been easier to quickly recreate the analysis you need to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

  • Excel API: Flexible, easy to use and infinitely customisable (with hundreds of proprietary functions available.)
  • Automated Reports: Schedule and automate up to 100 reports at once.
  • Templates and Hedge Fund Fact Sheet Software: Automate the creation of bespoke templates to facilitate the production of fact sheets, portfolio reports, peer analysis, exposure analysis and stress testing. (Over 50 free templates provided covering fact sheets, portfolio reports, peer analysis, exposure analysis and stress testing.)
Programatic API

Programmatic API

Aggregate data across multiple databases, remove duplicates, and see the most up-to-date time-series data and statistics for funds. Use this data with open source or in-house libraries for more complex analysis via our rest API.

  • Python API; Use your cleaned data with one of the most widely used languages in quantitative analysis.
  • C# API; Allows developers to easily access your cleaned data for internal projects.
  • REST API infrastructure: allowing us to create custom solutions for the language you use most.

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