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Collect all the Funds Data

  • Aggregate data vendors like Eurekahedge, HFR, Barlcayhedge, Preqin, Morningstar, Bloomberg, Refinitiv in one Import button
  • 35,000 Hedge Funds and 100,000 Morningstar funds
  • Converting assets into different currencies, net returns, gross return, outperformance asset, etc.
  • CRM Functionality
  • Fund Fact sheets

Select the Best Funds

  • Import Exposure Data using Albourne, OPERA Reports and Excel.
  • Exposure Aggregation and Attribution
  • Factor-Based Style Analysis for finding a source of Alpha (Style Selection or Stock Selection) or to measure sensitivity to different economic indicators.
  • Screening database and creating peer groups.
  • Comparing funds with Hedge Fund index constituents or user-defined peer groups.
  • Convert Peer Group funds in a common currency.
  • Statistics Weighted Ranking.
  • Volatility Equaliser model
  • Excel API: Flexible, easy to use and infinitely customisable (with hundreds of functions available.)
  • Automated Reports: Schedule and automate up to 100 reports at once.
  • Templates: Automate the creation of bespoke templates to facilitate the production of fact sheets, portfolio reports, fund peer group analysis, exposure analysis and stress testing. (Over 50 free templates provided covering fact sheets, portfolio reports, fund peer group analysis, exposure analysis and stress testing.)
  • Free white-labelled fact sheet
Portfolio Construction

Build a Portfolio

  • Define hard and soft constraints. Done in collaboration with Alliance Bernstein.
  • Run Optimisation using Ex-ante or Ex-post risk, return and correlation.
  • Risk Decomposition and Return\Brinson Attribution.
  • What-if scenarios on your portfolio: what happens when we add a new fund, what happens when we change allocation or how our portfolio compares with a risk parity portfolio.
  • Portfolio Currency Hedging using Interest Rate Differential.
  • Dynamic Allocation Model: find a fund from a watchlist that may improve a portfolio’s risk and return profile.
  • Creating Composite Benchmarks.
  • Stress Testing
  • Customized Portfolio fact sheet

Portfolio Management

Manage Portfolios and Trades

  • Shadow Accounting for Fund of Funds. Done in collaboration with Credit Suisse.
  • Build a portfolio using trades or values
  • Set compliance rules and flag trades that breach such rules.
  • Measure liquidity of your portfolio by the cheapest and the quickest method of liquidation.
  • Portfolio’s Profit & Loss, Return Attribution and Risk Decomposition.
  • Cash Management.
  • What-if Trade Scenarios.
  • Manage different currency account. Portfolio fact sheet
Customized Reporting

Manage Private Equity Funds

  • Compare funds with their peers by vintages, strategy and sectors.
  • Private Equity Monthly Accounting.
  • IRR, PE Multiples, J-Curve, PME and other PE measures.
  • Search for Funds that are raising capital.
  • Cash flow forecasting with Yale Takahashi model
  • Stress Test Scenario for future cash flows.
  • Pacing Model to mimic future asset allocation
  • Private equity fund fact sheet

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Portfolio Management

Conduct a fully digital due diligence

  • Done in collaboration with BNP Paribas.
  • Due Diligence Model for Document Management, Data Collection and other exciting features innovating communication channel between funds' managers and allocators
  • Available in December 2020, but you can already see a beta version

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