The Best Platform to select Hedge Funds

Data Aggregation Software

  • AlternativeSoft helps you to categorise, clean and distribute data across the organisation, ensuring analysis and reporting is accurate, consistent and easy to access.
  • Integration: Import cash flow data from in-house databases or connect data vendors like Eurekahedge and Preqin private equity databases.
  • XML Import for in-house databases
  • Automatically download & update returns
  • Create custom fund universes using multiple sources

Fund Selection

Fund Selection

  • Screen & search to build customised Peer Groups and Watchlists using over 3000 statistics and information fields
  • Compare similar funds and identify top performers using Peer Group Analysis
  • Identify manager alpha
  • Track and verify fund styles and sensitivity to economic factors
  • Record and analyse exposure weights and return attribution
Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Construction

  • Best Portfolio Optimization software using 11 different Risk Measures, including MVaR, CVaR and Black Litterman
  • Manually adjust and compare portfolio allocation changes (side-by-side) to verify subscription & redemption decisions
  • Perform ‘what if’ scenario analysis and stress test a portfolio in extreme market conditions

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

  • Compute daily, weekly or monthly portfolio returns after management and performance fees
  • Track and analyse portfolio liquidity, redemption periods and fees
  • Return attribution analysis to separate allocation, selection and interaction effects. View the profits and losses on each trade
Customized Reporting


Take the strain out of reporting. With AlternativeSoft’s Excel API, it’s never been easier to quickly recreate the analysis you need to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

  • Excel API: Flexible, easy to use and infinitely customisable (with hundreds of functions available.)
  • Automated Reports: Schedule and automate up to 100 reports at once.
  • Templates: Automate the creation of bespoke templates to facilitate the production of fact sheets, portfolio reports, fund peer group analysis, exposure analysis and stress testing. (Over 50 free templates provided covering fact sheets, portfolio reports, fund peer group analysis, exposure analysis and stress testing.)
  • Free white-labelled template

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