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AlternativeSoft Due Diligence Exchange empowers allocators and fund managers to conduct a centralized fully audited process.

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Portfolio Construction

Due Diligence Software

  • AlternativeSoft Due Diligence Software enables fund managers and funds' allocators owners to exchange qualitative and quantitative data in a structured format on a centralised cloud-based platform.
  • AlternativeSoft Due Diligence Software offers the funds' allocators the ability to use one tool to centralise your fund data collection and due diligence documents.
  • AlternativeSoft Due Diligence Software allows funds' managers to enter information directly into the due diligence software on a standardised basis rather than having to do so multiple times.
  • AlternativeSoft Due Diligence Software provides a centralised store and search function for the funds' allocators across operational due diligence, fund manager selection processes and responsible investment analysis – allowing all funds' manager information to be available in a single place.

    This will result in time savings at both the funds' allocators and the funds over the period of our relationship as well as helping to improve efficiency.
  • AlternativeSoft Due Diligence Software offers the functionality you need in an off-the-shelf solution that is ready to go.
  • There are over 31,000 hedge funds on AlternativeSoft Due Diligence Platform coming from HFR, Eurekahedge, Barclayhedge, Preqin, HFM or Nilssonhedge.

Solutions for the Funds' Allocators

Portfolio Construction

Perform Digital Due Diligence

  • Define stages and steps, see who has accepted and on-going progress
  • Conduct RFI and RFP, DDQ, regulators reporting and proprietary templates
  • Funds fact sheets & direct data collection
Portfolio Construction
  • CRM
  • Data and reports hub centrally stored

Portfolio Construction
  • Collect and analyse data
  • Compare and rank funds
  • Create your own peer group
Customized Reporting

  • Create fact sheets
  • Create your own fund dashboard
  • Excel API to create fund fact sheets, export time series, 3,000 statistics on our 300,000 mutuals funds and hedge funds database
Portfolio Management

  • Stress test the fund using a multi factor model or historical financial crisis

Python API

Python API

  • Python API documentation for installation including examples of basic calls made using the REST API within the Jupyter IDE
  • For 40,000 hedge funds and 400,000 mutual funds, using Python code:

  1. Export any funds returns vectors
  2. Export >2,000 statistics such as annualized returns, return during 2020/2021, monthly VaR 99%, maximum monthly loss, skewness, correlation to any benchmark since inception / last q year, annual Sharpe ratio since inception / last 2 years, outperformance vs any benchmarks, CUSUM, up captures, down capture, and so on.

Customized Reporting

Solutions for the Funds

Answer due diligence in an automated way

  • Fill questionnaires, RFI, AIMA questionnaires
  • Shares returns, monthly estimates, monthly fact sheets, AUM, OPERA open protocol exposures weights, in a centralized way with all its funds' allocators
  • Audit the process of answering funds allocators' questions
  • CRM
  • Fund fact sheet in a web page or using an Excel API to generate quant report on your funds

Portfolio Management

  • Fund fact sheet
  • Fund peer group to visualize where your fund ranks vs its peers

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