Private Equity

Data Aggregation

Data Aggregation

AlternativeSoft helps you to categorise, clean and distribute data across the organisation, ensuring analysis and reporting is accurate, consistent and easy to access.

  • Integration: Import cash flow data from in-house databases or connect data vendors like Eurekahedge and Preqin private equity databases.
  • Unification: Unify your custom fund universe and share with your team using AlternativeSoft as your data repository.

Fundraising Search

Find Top Raising Funds

With thousands of funds raising capital across the globe, AlternativeSoft helps users cut through the noise and pinpoint the best investment opportunities.

  • Intelligent Screening: Search and filter through Preqin and Eurekahedge private equity databases to find funds that are currently raising.
  • Fund Peer Group Analysis: Compare annualised IRR, DPI, RVPI and TVPI statistics with peers of historical examples.
  • Shadow accounting: Track the performance of your fund and compare it to different vintage and strategies.
  • PME analysis: Multiple options to evaluate the performance of the fund against benchmarks (includes PME+, Direct Alpha and more).
Yale Model

Yale Model

Use renowned Takahashi & Alexander’s Yale Model to forecast cash flow of your private equity funds.

  • Cash Flow Forecasting: Input budgeted contributions and distributions to visualise cash flow over time.
  • Easy to Use: Instant calculations based on the fund strategy, expected IRR and project end date.
  • Performance evaluation: Compare the realised returns of the fund against projected.
Portfolio Management

Stress Test Scenario Model

  • Compute what will be the next 5 years contributions or distributions if the equity market is really good or reall bad.
  • Aggregate at the portfolio of private equity funds level, in order to see if the investor will need more cash in case of the worst equity market scenario.
  • Expected Annualized IRR for the good and the bad stress test scenario.
Yale Model

Portfolio Management

Gain a deeper understanding of your portfolio of private equity funds and ensure that you accounted for the future capital calls and commitments.

  • Aggregation: Build a portfolio of private equity funds and combine with other multi-asset class portfolios.
  • Accounting: Aggregate future contributions and distributions to get an accurate view of upcoming payments.
  • Pacing Asset Allocation Model: Meet target exposure to private equity and plan future commitments.

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