For Investors in Private Equity Funds


  • Compatible with the Preqin Private Equity Database
  • Import from in house or third-party data source using Excel or XML


  • Record contributions, distributions, fees in the past and model the future cash flows using % contributions, % distributions, future fees, NAV expected return
  • Compute annualized IRR and monthly return for your investments

Peer Group

  • J-Curve, IRR, TWRR, TVPI, multiples using tables, radar graphs or bubble graphs
  • Compare a PE fund statistics with those in the same strategy

Yale Model

  • Forecast distributions, contributions, NAV for a current raising PE fund given its strategy and its Bow factor
  • Aggregate all the PE funds and forecast the 2019, 2020, 2021 expected inflows and outflows

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*For qualified investors only

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