AlternativeSoft Introduces a Revolutionary Cloud based Application for Allocators, Fund Managers and other Investors

The Application Designed by you... Built by us!

A widget based architecture allowing for bespoke analysis.

AlternativeSoft Web Application

Exclusive Features

Imagine a tool that you don’t have to drive… It constantly monitors analytics that you may not have noticed based on AI approaches.

Responsive Design

Responds to user behaviors and environments based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Widget based Architecture

Design the forms how you want with over 60 Customisable Widgets. Widgets can be added, edited, configured, and reorganised to user’s preference.

Fund Analysis

Analyse your Correlation, Drawdown, Exposures and other statistics individually or versus selected Peer Groups.

Fast and Secure

Information is an integral asset of any enterprise and we  ensure all your data is secure.

Advanced Asset Search

Adaptive quantitative model provides ability to search for best funds within the database. 

Generate and Print Reports

Personalise the layout of dashboard according to your desire. Generate and print reports to share with colleagues and management. 

advanced Asset search

A fast and optimised Asset Search

We search using over 6000 Qualitative and Quantitative criterias. You can identify the best-in-class managers quickly and easily. Conntecting you to an ever increasing universe of funds meaning you will save time with a search that generates results in seconds.

The future is at your fingertips.

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Widget based architecture

Design the forms how you want with over 40 Customisable Widgets

The dashboards come with a collection of pre-configured yet customizable Widgets – which are mini-applications to be embedded into dashboards. Users can naturally add, edit, configure, and move them around the dashboard to their desired preference. You can configure dashboard widgets that focus specifically on the data pulled from your database providers for a quick view into channels KPI’s you use to gauge the progress towards the business objectives.

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Clean and Modern Design

By removing unnecessary elements, you can draw our users attention to what matters most.

With our minimalistic design and our focus on aesthetics, we invite our visitors to learn without feeling like the application is selling to them.

Typically, the features that slow down an application are complex images, features, and options. By optimising these, our application will load at fast speeds why not get in touch and see the performance for yourself.

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Our Research Papers

Read through some of our research papers

Reducing Drawdown Using Alternatives

“Does investment in an active manager provide better drawdown protection than investment in the market?”

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  • 23 January, 2019
  • By Michael Melluso

Analysing 2018 Hedge Fund Performance

“Was 2018 really as bad a year for Hedge Funds as most market commentators have suggested and, if so, which strategies would have been best insulated from the turbulence?”

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  • 14 November, 2019
  • By Michael Melluso

Fund Selection Using Alternative Statistics

‘Can we find outperformance using an algorithmic asset selection approach which focuses on lesser used risk and return statistics?’

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