Company Timeline

Since our inception in 2005, we have been pleased with our exponential growth and profitability. Through combining our state-of-the-art software with tailored services, we aim to continue our growth in the market by meeting your needs.

“We wanted to build a software which adds value into the financial community, saves people time and allows them to focus on the important aspects of their jobs; i.e. adding value in manager selection and portfolio construction. At the same time, we wanted people to enjoy using a product which is easy and fast and have a little bit of fun along the way!”

Laurent Favre, CEO


Laurent Favre and Stephan Joehri identified an opportunity to add value to the asset selection and portfolio construction industry. Subsequently they founded AlternativeSoft in 2005 and began selling in January of the year. By the end of the year the company employed a team of 3 developers and began building for the future.


In 2006, the revolution had begun and AlternativeSoft was making it’s mark in the asset management arena, particularly among fund of funds. We had sold our software to more than 20 well-known clients, mainly concentrated in Switzerland and the United States. Feedback was positive and feature requests began.


In 2007, we achieved impressive growth by expanding our operations into the United Kingdom and doubling the number of programmers to six persons. As a result, we began operating at a profit, which was uncommon in the technology space.


This was a particularly memorable year for us. We were selected as the software of choice by what was then the largest bank in the United States. In addition, we made significant developments to our software, which surprised our competitors and enabled us to establish ourselves in the market.


Despite the global economic climate, our success continued in 2009 and we were chosen by both the United Kingdoms and United States second largest pension fund. At this point our software was rapidly improving and we programmed our quantitative models using Fortran and Delphi.


In 2010, our clients included the second largest Swiss bank and a large European company. We also committed to undertaking a conversion of our software’s underlying source code, moving to a newer and superior technology composed of C# and the .NET framework, providing us greater flexibility and compatibility advantages.


2011 saw an increase in the number of new models in our development pipeline, a steady growth in new clients, and a rise in the number of employees in our London based Quants team. This put us in a good position going into the new year.


The year brought about further growth for the company as we doubled our Sales team in London and further invested in our software development life cycle, hiring four additional developers, bringing our developer headcount to 14.


We achieved incredible success in 2013, being ranked the number one technology provider for risk management. Indeed, the company’s growth continued with an increase in the number of developer’s to 20 persons, taking the total number of employees in the company to 28. During the year we were pleased to receive support from the largest US pension fund who selected our software to support their investment into Hedge Funds.


In 2014 we endeavour to increase our software offering, database partnerships, our headcount and number of clients.


In 2015 we hired two new salespeople in London, maintained our developer count, moved into a bigger office, landed the greatest wealth manager in the United States as well as the largest European bank. Approximately 800 billion USD passes through our software to measure risk portfolios. We also won further awards in 2015.


In 2016 we invested heavily in R&D and expanded our London based Quant team accordingly. We continuously solved clients’ idosyncratic needs and our larger sales team has assisted to grow our sales.

We also work with clients to develop custom web solutions based on their needs.


We have launched a secretive web based funds selection database: 17’000 unique and alive hedge funds, 250’000 long only funds, remove the duplicate with an algorithm, find the top historical funds, find the top future funds with Artificial Intelligence, find the best for each Peer Group. Only available for large banks: CS, UBS, Santander, DB, BofA