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Only 4 Hedge Fund Sectors in the Black for April YTD

Only 4 Hedge Fund Sectors in the Black for April YTD

After a difficult few months due to the pandemic, Year-to-date, only 4 hedge fund sectors were in the black for April, including;

  • Volatility Trading Index – 7.28% YTD returns
  • Fixed Income Arbitrage Index – 2.14% YTD returns
  • Option Strategies Index – 1.35% YTD returns
  • Healthcare & Biotechnology Index – 0.22% YTD returns

(Additionally, YTD the hedge fund industry is down 7.01% through April.)

April Outlook

The hedge fund industry as a whole gained 5.46% in April, with US stocks experiencing their best month in decades.

Out of all sectors tracked by Barclay Hedge Fund Indices, only 2 were in the red for April, including;

  • Volatility Trading Index - down 0.17%
  • Emerging Markets MENA Index – down 2%

For those who were looking for relief during this difficult time, unsurprisingly the Healthcare and Biotechnology Index saw 13.27% returns.

Success was also found in emerging markets;

  • Emerging Markets Global Equities Index – Returned 8.84%
  • Emerging Markets Asian Equities Index – Returned 8.77%

Sol Waksman

President of Barclay Hedge Sol Waksman was quoted as saying;

“In spite of the worsening news in the coronavirus battle, massive government stimulus programs buoyed equity markets and provided a favorable tailwind for hedge funds”


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