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More hedge funds have closed than those opened for 5th year in a row

Less than 9,000 hedge funds now exist globally

More hedge funds have closed than those opened for 5th year in a row

It’s been widely believed that there are too many hedge funds for quite some time now.

Therefore, it may be welcomed news for many to hear that more hedge funds were closed than opened in 2019.


Hedge fund launches in 2019 were down to one of the lowest in recent years. In the year 2000, during a recession and the dotcom bubble, the total number of hedge fund launches sat at 328. In 2019 that number only reached 60 higher.

What are we left with?

After 4,000 hedge funds closing within the past 5 years, we are left with an estimated - less than 9,000 hedge funds globally.

This is also the 5th year in a row where more hedge funds have closed than those that have opened. If there is some good news to all of this, things did pick up temporarily in November with net $4.5b coming into the industry.

In total investors received $81.5b from vehicles 2019 through November.

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