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Award-winning investment analytics platform, AlternativeSoft, is always looking at new ways to add value and service for investors and with the latest portfolio scenario analysis feature, known as Dynamic Allocation using Watchlist, institutional investors are able to make even better decisions when it comes to choosing funds for their portfolios.

Dynamic Allocation Using Watchlist gives you more control

Using the new feature, clients can select up to 10 funds and control which specific funds improve performance in terms of portfolio statistics such as return, volatility, drawdown, maximum monthly loss or VaR.

Dynamic Allocation

As you can see in the above example, Global Arbitrage and India Opportunity deliver the best combination of portfolio statistics. So, based on this data, investors can choose to select these funds for inclusion in their portfolios.

The new feature makes AlternativeSoft software even more appealing to investment companies, who can now add up to 10 funds that have already passed due diligence procedures.

Another reason to choose AlternativeSoft

Clearly, choosing hedge funds or mutual funds within a watchlist that will perform best is critical when it comes to the performance of any portfolio, but ensuring that those funds work together in a way that matches your own investment strategy for optimal returns is just as important. And it’s here where AlternativeSoft’s Dynamic Allocation using Watchlist feature will become most useful for those investing in hedge funds.

Combined with other customisable tools, such as portfolio management, peer grouping, style analysis, returns collections, PE data collection and stress testing, along with links to Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Albourne, Preqin, Morningstar, HFR, Eurekahedge and Backstop, investors have more reasons than ever to choose AlternativeSoft when it comes to portfolio construction software.

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