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Bridgewater $1.5B market fail bet is false according to Ray Dalio

Founder and Billionaire Ray Dalio takes to social media to contest WSJ

Bridgewater $1.5B market fail bet is false according to Ray Dalio

According to The Wall Street Journal, the largest hedge fund in the world Bridgewater Associates have bet big on a market crash.

The report written by Juliet Chung claims;

  • Bridgewater have bet $1.5B on a sell-off, 1% of Bridgewaters total AUM
  • The bet uses put options assembled over months by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley
  • The bet would pay off if – the S&P 500, Euro Stoxx 50 or both decline

Dalio responds

Founder of Bridgewater Ray Dalio took to social media to respond and didn’t pull any punches.

On Twitter:

On Linkedin:
The Wall Street Journal wrote an article that said “Bridgewater Bets Big on Market Drop.” It’s wrong. I want to make clear that we don’t have any such net bet that the stock market will fall. We explained to Juliet Chung, the author of the article, that to convey us having a bearish view of the stock market would be misleading, but it was done anyway. I believe that we are now living in a world in which sensationalistic headlines are what many writers want above all else, even if the facts don’t square with the headlines. You can believe me or you can believe The Wall Street Journal writer. I hope you have come to know that you can believe me.

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