2020 Emerging Manager Conference

AlternativeSoft is delighted to be sponsoring the 2020 Emerging Manager Conference in Austin Texas, USA.
26th February 2020.

2020 Emerging Manager Confernece - Austin Texas - USA

The TRS and ERS Emerging Manager Conference is a great way for investors to meet, network and learn from small and diverse Emerging Managers. Research suggests that Emerging Managers are out-performing some of their larger counterparts, making them a great contender for allocation from pension plans as well as for family offices, endowments and other institutional investors. Emerging Managers will not only have the opportunity to network with institutional investors, they will also learn how to meet the challenge of working with institutional investors, as well as gain industry leading insights and best practices.

To arrange a meeting with one of our delegates please feel free to contact:

Scott Fauver:
Alex Winstone:

Or you can reach us through the 2020 Emerging Manager Conference Meeting Scheduler.
For more information visit:

Austin Convention Center
500 E Cesar Chavez, Austin,
Texas 78701

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