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2019 Private Equity Features

At AlternativeSoft we’re constantly listening to feedback in order to stay at the forefront of the industry whilst satisfying the specific needs of our clients

AlternativeSoft are proud to announce our latest new features for our Private Equity module.

Feature 1: Yale Model implemented in Private Equity Module

AlternativeSoft has implemented the Takahisi-Alexander cash flow forecasting model in the Private Equity Module. This will allow private equity investors to plan and anticipate any future capital requirement and seek new investment opportunities. This model is dynamic, thus incorporate newly received data to update future projections.

We provide more than 20 different pre-set parameters for the model to better represent the intricacies of various private equity fund strategies (those are based on aggregating historical data of 10,000+ funds). User can create a portfolio of private equity funds with a combined forecast for all the included funds.

Yale Model Implemented

Feature 2: The latest features added to our private equity model
Compare Private Equity Funds
  • Compare private equity funds with their public market equivalents (PME) and assess outperformance
  • Search currently-raising private equity funds from the best-performing private equity fund managers

Best Performing Private Equity Funds
  • How investors should allocate in 2019 and in the future to maintain a desired private equity weight
  • How investors should allocate in 2019 and in the future given their private equity funds’ future distributions, computed with the Yale cash flow forecasting model

Yale Cash Flow Forecasting Model
  • Compare private equity funds with their public market equivalents (PME) and assess outperformance. Our software allows up to 5 public market equivalents.
  • Financial ratios - Compute all the multiples (TVPI, DPI, etc.) required under the GIPS® Standard for presentation and reporting.
  • Reports and templates – Use our reports and templates to make sense of the data best fitting to you
  • Cash flow forecasts - A dynamic version of the Takahisi-Alexander "Yale model" for cash flow assists in projecting and planning
  • Peer group comparisons – compare with those within the same industry/similar structure

Thanks to our Private Equity in house expert Dr Pavlo Yatsyna who will be providing his expertise on new models and features.

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