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What is Alternative Investment?

Traditional investment strategies focused on stocks, bonds and cash. Today there are many alternative asset classes for investors, including:

  • Hedge funds
  • Precious metals
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Carbon credits
  • Financial derivatives
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Hedge Funds the Leading Alternative Investment

Having become increasingly popular in the second half of the last century, hedge funds use a wide range of investment strategies. Their focus is to deliver a positive return, regardless of the state of the market. Fund managers do this by investing money wherever they believe they will find profit.

Total hedge fund capital was $3.6 trillion at the end of 2020 and is the largest asset growth area in history.

AlternativeSoft is the best-of-breed software solution for hedge fund managers, used by five of the top ten hedge fund investors in the world.

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How Our Software Helps Alternative Investment Management

The users of our software benefit from:

  • One import button aggregates data from vendors such as Eurekahedge, HFR, Barclayhedge, Preqin, Morningstar, Bloomberg and Refinitiv.
  • Conversion of assets into different currencies, net returns, gross return, outperformance asset etc.
  • Factor-based style analysis for finding a source of alpha (style selection or stock selection) or to measure sensitivity to different economic indicators.
  • Comparing funds with hedge fund index constituents or user-defined peer groups.
  • What-if scenarios on a portfolio: What happens when a new fund is added? What happens when allocation is changed? How does a portfolio compare with a risk parity portfolio?
Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Diversification Through Alternatives

The alternative investment market is experiencing increased attention right now, as investors look to diversify their portfolios. This rising demand is pressurizing fund managers to review their strategies, adopting new approaches in order to refine their business models, as they aim for financial goals.

AlternativeSoft is unique, as the only analytical tool on the market that allows its users to build and manage a universe with data imported from any source. It’s the analytical solution chosen by some of the world’s largest pension funds, family offices, funds of funds, foundations, wealth managers and advisors.

Hedge Funds Can Invest Anywhere

As a financial product, a hedge fund is a partnership between investors and the hedge fund manager. Their purpose is to maximize income performance while eliminating risk. Being part of the private investment process, a hedge fund can itself invest in anything - real estate, currencies or many other alternative assets. Regulation of these funds is relatively light compared to other investment vehicles.

Our service gives hedge fund managers the power to quickly and easily contextualize and benchmark themselves with their peers. We provide the tools for developing a better understanding of relative performance, with the capability to benchmark against up to 10,000 others.

Customized Reporting

Unlock The Power of Data Through Reporting

Investors in hedge funds are reliant on the decision-making skills of the fund manager. They require complex investment techniques and the funds themselves can invest in a wide variety of different assets. Staying on top of all the information required to manage a fund, and providing relevant information to clients, requires sophisticated reporting tools and technologies.

Our software product offers comprehensive customized reporting, including automated creation of bespoke templates. This solution makes it easy to produce fact sheets, portfolio reports, fund peer group analysis, exposure analysis and stress testing.

Portfolio Management

Additional Alternative Investment Strategies

There are many different products available to those considering alternative investments. Private equity, putting money into companies not listed on a public stock exchange, is one option. Real estate has long been a popular choice for portfolio diversification. Commodities, with prices based on demand, can protect against inflation.

Other choices include start-up or angel investing, along with infrastructure investment. A diversification strategy can be based on a fund of funds, which spreads risk across many different fund managers. This is often popular with pension funds, endowments and other institutional investors.

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