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Whether it's for idea generation or idea testing, AlternativeSoft’s platform redefines investment optimization,providing the most extensive set of quantitative tools available on the market for hedge fund analysis, risk management and portfolio construction available.

Our investment solutions have been tried and tested by international clients and professional investors the world over. With multinational financial institutions including the likes of BNP Paribas, Novartis and Voyager Management all having remained patrons of our software and service for nearly a decade, AlternativeSoft’s commitment to providing 24hr support and ensuring our platform remains unquestionably up to date makes us an instinctive choice for funds’ allocators and managers.

Clients frequently praise the fact that AlternativeSoft’s software takes into account higher moments of distributions as well as making use of the relevant academic models for better analysis and comparison. Furthermore, abilities generated by the software such as creating custom constraints and defining your own risk parameters all go towards constructing risk adjusted, exceptionally well performing Hedge fund’s portfolios.

AlternativeSoft’s platform is highly intuitive and user friendly, providing both a greater breadth of analytics and monitoring options all at a faster speed than other competing platforms. Featuring free customized fact sheets, free installation and free 24hr support service, it's no surprise that our software has won international investment awards in eight of the last ten years.
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Portfolio Construction

Highlights of our Portfolio Management Module

  • Used by the 5 of the 10 largest investors in hedge funds on the planet.
  • Free support, free customized fact sheets and free installation.
  • Much faster than all our software competitors.
  • Best risk portfolio software awards in 2020, 2019, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.

Portfolio Construction

Features of our Portfolio Management Software

Middle Office

  1. Trading:
    • Trade status: proposed trade -> committee approved trade -> executed trade -> Reconciled trade
    • Equalisation, series and share classes
  2. Pre-trades compliance:
    • do we have the cash to do that new trade?
    • does it break the strategy rules with this new trade?
    • when am I allowed to generate that new redemption due to lockup and redemption period?
  3. Liquidity:
    • Notice period, redemption period, gates at investor and fund levels, soft and hard lockups
    • when do we receive the cash when we sell?
    • Will the cash be locked for some months (encumbered cash)?
    • How much cash will we have in 1 month, 3 months and 12 months for potential redemptions or assets subscriptions?Assets values in $ £ CHF JPY EUR or in %, daily and monthly
    • Liquid (unemcumbered cash) and illiquid cash (encumbered cash) in graphical and table formats
  4. Currency:
    • hedging with forward, profit and loss from hedging, automated forward rollover
    • portfolio converted in a single currency when the assets are in different currencies
  5. Dividends:
    • linked to stocks and funds
    • Ability to define Cash inflows / outflows, Stock Dividends, Additional fees through our trade blotter or using Excel / .xml Imports.
Portfolio Construction


  • Export in Excel, portfolio time series net or gross, portfolio statistics (2000 statistics), portfolio liquidity, funds’ series. Same model as Bloomberg Excel API.


  • Link to all funds, ETF and hedge funds databases, to Bloomberg, Refinitiv and Morningstar.
  • Funds’ data collection service from PDF and Excel
  • Link to custodians to import portfolio weights
Customized Reporting

IT infrastructure

  • User rights to define who has the right to perform a trade or to enter data
  • Audit
  • Different rights to hedge funds for different employees in the company
  • Speed: extremely fast vs other software competitors
  • Available on Microsoft SQL database or Amazon WS
Portfolio Management

For the Analysts

  • Data exported with an Excel API
  • 2,500 statsitics
  • Portfolio whatif effect of a new trade
  • Portfolio volatility, beta, correlation, Value-at-Risk decomposition.
Customized Reporting

For the Portfolio Managers

  • Pre-trade compliances
  • Portfolio fact sheets
  • Portfolio return attribution
    1. By positions, sectors, currencies, fx hedging, sectors
    2. Brinson portfolio return attribution model
    3. Trades performances
    4. Intraday trades supported by the Return Attribution model.
  • Portfolio risk analysis: portfolio time series, correlation matrix, trades, return attribution, portfolio liquidity, positions in $ or %, and more exported in Excel with our Excel API
  • Fees from administrators or custodians
  • Trades performance

Our Awards

Best Risk Management Software 2020
Best Risk Management Software 2019
Best Risk Management Software 2017

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