Recent developments we did for our clients investing in funds:
1. More and More Funds Data

Access to the entire dataset available through AlternativeSoft, mapped and cleaned in order to work as one clean universe:

  • HFR
  • Eurekahedge
  • HFI
  • Morningstar
  • BarclayHedge
  • HedgeNews Africa
  • Allocator
  • Albourne
  • Preqin
  • Integration of your own proprietary data (.xlsx, .xml, administrators)
20'000 hedge funds for website
2. Exposure Analysis for Hedge Funds
Ability to analyse any funds Long & Short Exposure Weights and Return Attributions across:
  • Geography
  • Sector
  • Strategy
  • Market Cap
  • DV01
  • EV01
  • Credit Rating
  • Duration
  • Any Exposure Category a fund is happy to report to you
Create multiple layers of data to allow for disparate data sets to be aggregated at the portfolio level

Ability to pipe data direct into our system from your own internal source or access to a managed service to connect you straight to your funds, giving you no hassle access to Return and Exposure data reported direct from the fund with no lag.

Exposure Analysis Benchmarks created with layers of ETFs to allow for analysis of an Active Managers ability to generate return and outperformance vs the passive Benchmark.

Brinson Alpha Decomposition analysis allowing the investor to understand a managers skill at generating Alpha via Asset Allocation or Security Selection as well as drilling down to find its source.

Granular Volatility Decomposition by countries and sectors for hedge funds

3. Algorithmic Hedge Funds and Long Only Funds Screening on the Web

Algorithmic Screening of this vast datasets to automatically identify top performing managers within subsets.

A predictive weighted ranking system allowing the system to learn the user(s) preferences within subsets with it automatically bringing top performing funds with performance characteristics you are interested in, every day.

Available for large banks only.

HF exposures for website