Client Type: Advisor on Funds and Portfolios

Location: USA

Team Size: Team of 9

The Fund Analysts and Portfolio Advisors integrate fund data from Bloomberg which then are analyzed through AlternativeSoft. Since they advise on a diverse set of portfolios, they were looking for a robust and transparent platform to manage these efficiently – as well as create an extensive library of quick Portfolio Performance Reports, carry out stress testing, forecasting, and Peer grouping analytics.

Client Type: Endowment

Location: USA

AUM: 4 Billion USD

The Endowment imports a large part of their data from Bloomberg and their data collected from managers directly in a proprietary format for their business needs. They use AlternativeSoft to find the best performing managers, then analyze their invested and candidate managers against different peer groups, some of which are customized and some which are standardized, such as Peer groups formed from the HFRI index constituents and Morningstar Peer Groups. The client then uses tailor made reports for their funds and portfolios, all of which is automated to be generated from AlternativeSoft to either Excel or PDF at their convenience.

Client Type: Family Office

Location: USA

AUM: 100 Billion USD

A Family Office client measures Portfolio Risks and searches for the best performing Hedge Funds among a large universe of Funds, using Style Analysis to extract pure alpha. Analysts and Portfolio Advisors also collect Funds’ exposure data to understand the exposure risks and return attributions from different exposure categories in a more granular manner.

Client Type: Fund of Hedge Funds

Location: USA

AUM: 11 Billion USD in Hedge Funds

A leading Fund of Hedge Fund Client performs in depth quantitative analytics on wide range of Hedge Funds to find the best Funds that meets their specific clients’ unique investment criteria. Users are able to construct, store, manage and update their clients’ real and pro forma portfolios using AlternativeSoft. Two bespoke models were designed and delivered for them to fit their investment process. Everything from AlternativeSoft is linked to their in-house database so that they can maintain their existing in-house reporting solution suite for various purposes.

Client Type: Bank

Location: Europe

Size: 12th Largest Bank in the World

The Client in question uses AlternativeSoft across two countries to analyze and select alternative funds for their in-house clients, as well as using AlternativeSoft to model portfolio proposals. AlternativeSoft has also built them a web-based advisory platform which allows for straight-through processing for buy and sell trades, all linked to their in-house database. Their power-users include: Portfolio Managers and Investment Analysts.

Client Type: Managed Accounts Platform

Location: Europe

Size: Largest in the World

This client maintains uses AlternativeSoft with a large Microsoft SQL Database that includes their own-funds, third-party funds and market data. AlternativeSoft enables the client to structure bespoke portfolios comprising ETFs, mutual funds and Alternatives to meet defined institutional clients’ needs. AlternativeSoft is used for deep portfolio construction for their managed accounts and is crucial in their client reporting processes. There have been clear cost-savings achieved for the client through the implementation of AlternativeSoft – through working smarter and being able to deliver more in less time.

Client Type: Sovereign Wealth Fund

Location: USA

AUM 264 Billion USD

A well-known Sovereign Wealth Fund’s Investment Committee uses AlternativeSoft to monitor performance and drive investment/divestment decisions, for their middle-office, for internal and regulatory reporting & more. Due to their specific client needs, a high level of Research & Development has been carried out by AlternativeSoft’s Quantitative Analytics team to achieve their set of goals. Greater supervisory (Compliance) functionality has been introduced within the Portfolio Management features that are aimed at CIO-level users, to provide in-depth PnL analysis along with side-pocket, switch trades and currency hedging. The Client utilizes a large Microsoft SQL database with proprietary fund data as well as integrated third-party vendor data.

Client Type: Corporate Pension Fund

Location: Europe

Size: 72nd Largest Company in the World

This household name is a regular user of AlternativeSoft and operates with a large Microsoft SQL database comprising of proprietary fund data, Bloomberg data and data from eVestment. Their users extensively utilize the Black-Litterman Portfolio Optimization and Portfolio Management functionality (with intra month trades when their reference data’s NAVs are only recorded monthly), whilst emphasis is placed on their Hedge Fund Portfolio’s liquidity and outperformance correlation matrix. An important part of their investment reporting process is the effective and robust Factsheet preparation for their invested funds as well as for potential candidate funds.