“AlternativeSoft has a great portfolio optimization facility, allowing us to segment our portfolios, create custom constraints and define our own risk parameters. The resulting risk adjusted portfolios have been tested in the market and given us the desired results. ”
Christopher Peel
Chief Investment Officer
Tavistock Wealth Ltd
“We have been using AlternativeSoft since years. It is a powerful tool helping us to construct robust and well performing Hedge fund’s portfolios. We also like AlternativeSoft’s extensive and responsive support and that they constantly add features and improve the product.”

VP Fund Solutions, Liechtenstein

Ralf Konrad
Member of Executive Management
VP Fund Solutions
"When dealing with hedge funds and funds of hedge funds, the AlternativeSoft is a required software that can easily deal with extreme risks in portfolio construction that no other software does today."

Hedge fund book: Hedge Funds: Insights in Performance Measurement, Risk Analysis and Portfolio Allocation

Greg Gregoriou PhD
Professor of Finance
State University of New York
Editor of the book
"Hedge Funds: Insights in Performance Measurement, Risk Analysis and Portfolio Allocation"
"The Spanish-speaking investment community is the second largest worldwide, after the English-speaking one. AlternativeSoft is the leader providing quantitative solutions and applications to the Hedge Fund industry. For this reason, we wanted the first book published in Spanish on Hedge Funds to present, in the accompanying CD-Rom, the best tools available in the market. We believe the great success achieved so far is partly thanks to the quality and solid scientific foundations of AlternativeSoft programs".

Hedge fund book: Invertir en Hedge Funds (Spanish)

Dr. Marcos Lopez de Prado
Head Quantitative Equity Research
UBS Wealth Management
Author of the book "Investir in Hedge Funds"
"A solid investment process combines both qualitative and quantitative inputs from fund selection to portfolio construction. We found in AlternativeSoft the skills to build customized solutions."

Momentum, South Africa

Kris Adams CFA
Portfolio Manager
Fund of Hedge Funds - Alternative Investments
Momentum Investments
"The AlternativeSoft platform is a useful quantitative tool for portfolio construction with hedge funds. The information needed to minimize the losses associated with extreme risk is clearly displayed, making the process easier."

Edhec-Risk, France

Noël Amenc
Professor of Finance at Edhec
Director of the Edhec Risk and Asset Management Research Centre
"The AlternativeSoft platform is a helpful addition to the set of tools available to a hedge fund allocator, for both idea generation and idea testing. Moreover, the use of academic models in the platform fits well with our investment process."  

Vontobel Bank, Switzerland

David Friche
Portfolio Manager
"The AlternativeSoft platform is a helpful addition to the set of tools available to a hedge fund allocator, for both building portfolios and managing their risks. Moreover, the quantitative support available strengthens the service offering."

Novartis, Switzerland

Marc Buhlig
Portfolio Manager

Kuwait Investment Authority, Kuwait


“AlternativeSoft has greatly helped analysts from Risk, Hedge Fund and Long Only oriented teams with due diligence, fund research, reporting and performance management for a multi-billion US pension fund. With excellent analytical support, dependable application development, delivery mechanisms and constant effort to improve the software, I highly recommend AlternativeSoft.”

Kforce, United States

Investments Project Manager
Kforce Technology