Case Study 1
AlternativeSoft’s customized advisory web development focuses on the new financial platform formats known as a ‘ two-sided market place’. This is of importance if you are a large asset management company (advisor or banks) and you wish to:

  1. Select funds and propose them to your clients.
  2. Allow your clients to search for funds on the web and advise them on whether their selection is good or bad.
  3. Share your funds’ meeting notes only with selected clients.
  4. Discuss with your clients on the web (Facebook style) concerning their fund selection or portfolio construction.
  5. Allow your clients to create portfolios with funds and ETFs and tell them why their portfolios are good or bad.
Project: Web platform developed for a Swiss company (with a market capitalization of $29bn)

Team Composition: 1 Quantitative Analyst, 2 Developers ,1 Tester

Completed in: 12 months

Step 1: Provide different user rights access to your company’s employees and to your clients.
Case Study 1 - Step 1
Step 2: Be able to import your meeting notes from Microsoft Word and let your investors quickly see the conclusions and open the meeting notes fully if they wish.
Case Study 1 - Step 2
Step 3: Share your bespoke advisory portfolio with your specific client.
Case Study 1 - Step 3
Case Study 2
Project: Create an Excel Add-in for several large pension funds.

Team Composition: 1 Quantitative Analyst, 1 Developer ,1 Tester

Completed in: 4 months

Step 1: The Excel Add-in is installed for the client’s Microsoft Excel and linked to their AlternativeSoft installation.
AlternativeSoft Excel Add-in
Step 2: The Client creates a fund or portfolio factsheet
AlternativeSoft Excel Add-in
Step 3: The Client’s factsheet is fully customized and automated.
AlternativeSoft Excel Add-in
AlternativeSoft Excel Add-in