SEC Filings Research
Search across hedge funds and mutual funds, pension funds and institutional investors to understand their long stock and option positions.
SEC Filings Stocks

Over 1 million data points, updated quarterly, syncronised via the web and ‘cleaned, washed and pressed’ within AlternativeSoft’s ‘Tech Laundry’.

Sagar Amlani, Senior Associate

Investigate Stock & Bond Positions
Be fully in the loop
Integrate the SEC's Edgar Database Filings into your analytical research by diving deep into each registered firm submitting quarterly data. Quickly download over a million datapoints and monitor which stocks investors have bought and solve each quarter - all in the familiar, easy-to-use and no nonsense AlternativeSoft platform.
Track insider transactions
Who buys, sells and receives what and when.
Do the managers you invest in really know their underlying holdings well enough? It's your money, so let's leave no stone unturned. Quickly discover and monitor transactions from company insiders, be it directors or owners using the SEC's Form 4 submissions to be sure that you fully understand equity investment decisions made by managers you have hired to invest on your behalf. Analyse this big data and how this evolves over time.
Drill into transactions deeply
Details matter, don't be led otherwise.
Why and how did insider's complete certain transactions? Confirm your knowledge and assist your convictions in the underlying firms you are investing in. This no longer requires a large scale IT project or hundred's of connected and ever-growing Excel workbooks. 1 platform for all your needs: AlternativeSoft.
Know who the large investors are
Instutional investors can largely determine a stock's long term performance.
Easily determine who the large investors are for a specific security at any point in time. Where does your insititution rank in terms of other large investors holding a specific stock (E.g. Apple Inc)? A high conviction assumes a larger holding. Take the big data and integrate this into actionable investment decisions.
Know your Industry Peers
Are you following the herd or leading the way?
Are you a retirement or pension fund, an investment advisor or asset manager? Be aware of the publicly disclosed long stock and bond holdings. Easily search, filter and process this data.