Hedge Funds Weights and Returns Collection
We collect long/short returns attribution, long/short exposures for countries, sectors and strategies, for a small annual fee. For all your hedge funds investments. Every month. Let us do that with our partner Allocator.

Questions we can help you to answer:

Who are we exposed to..? (E.g. Which funds/managers)

What are we exposed to..? (E.g. Instruments, Sectors, Strategies, Categories)

Where are we over/under-exposed to..? (E.g. Geographies, Sectors)

When were we exposed to..? (E.g. How have exposures evolved over time?)

Why were we exposed to…? (E.g. Does my investment thought process coincide with my actual exposures?)

A smarter way to track and manage your exposures
Everything under one hood. Fully-flexible to your needs.
Take a deep breath and dive straight into the the #1 Exposure Analysis tool.
Fuel, start, drive.
Your managers, your data, your custom investment processes and your much needed calculations.
Bringing hedge funds exposures is easy and consistent with your Excel workbook or via our internet automated portal. Our partner Allocator will collect the hedge funds exposures for you for a small fee. Save your time and money today.
Hedge Funds Long & Short Returns Attribution versus a Benchmark
Are your managers generating alpha for you?
Whether it's creating custom benchmarks, tracking managers or portfolios, breaking down alpha, decomposing risk and attribution returns - we've got you covered.
Created for necessity & fully equipped.
Fund and portfolio-level exposure analysis
We've listened to your feedback, sat down with real practitioners and tested the models and are continually enhancing our model functionality for you.