We have added around 500 new features in our software in 2016. The latest additions, which benefit our worlwide pension funds, family office and banks’ clients, are:
Our Hedge Funds Exposures model display returns long short by countries or outperformance of the hedge fund managers versus his countries exposures or a Brinson model to measure the hedge fund manager stock selection / country selection
Hedge Funds Exposures
Our Portfolio Management shadow accounting manages the following in a precise and easy way: investing in hedge funds with lockups / # payouts / gates / # series / # currencies / intraweek trading / portfolio return attribution / cash management / future cash flow management.
Easy to use.
Portfolio Management shadow accounting
Our Peer Group calculation engine finds the funds which have always been in the top 25% of their group every year in the past.
You are sure that the funds we show have been at the top, in any past period, versus other funds in the same peer group.
Peer Group
Our Stress Test model computes the expected loss for a fund or a portfolio if, up-to 10 factors, are changing together at the same time.
For example, increase in interest rate, increase in term spread, increase in credit spread and decrease in S&P500, all at the same time.
Stress Test
Our SEC model collect all the files from the SEC and display them in a visual way. Every quarter, directly from the web, all files available at a click of a button.
Free of charge for our clients.

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