With AlternativeSoft it has never been easier to create customised hedge fund factsheets.

AlternativeSoft’s Excel API provides a modern and easy-to-use reporting tool ideal for those wanting to quickly create, customise, generate and automate their fund, portfolio and peer group reporting. The tool combines templates and custom functions allowing you to create reports in minutes which can easily be refreshed, copied and converted to PDF. Saving you valuable production time.

Hedge fund analysis from AlternativeSoft

  • Create factsheets with your own tables, graphs and company branding.
  • • AlternativeSoft software can be integrated into Excel
  • • Just takes a few seconds to create a factsheet.
  • • Easy to change benchmark index.
  • • Can easily change statistics from rolling correlation to rolling data.
  • • Any statistics can be customised.
  • • Everything is calculated using AlternativeSoft’s software.
  • • Easy to change the hedge fund for analysis.
  • • Each factsheet can be customised to your exact needs.
  • • You can create a branded powerpoint presentation for investors with just one click.

AlternativeSoft is an award winning provider in fund reporting software. Some of our clients include banks, hedge fund managers, large fund advisory companies and the world’s biggest pension funds.

Our software is easy to use saving you time and money. If you would like to learn more about hedge fund reporting using our software please contact us on 020 7510 2003 or visit our website for more information.

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