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Portfolio Management Designed for Fund Managers

  • Selected by 5 of the 10 largest hedge fund investors on the planet.
  • Specialising in asset selection, portfolio construction and customised reporting.
  • Free support, free custom fact sheets and free installation.
  • ‘Best Risk Management Software’ - winner 2020 and seven out of the eight preceding years.
Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Management Software Configured for Your Needs

Giving you accurate information fast and efficiently, allowing you to keep the focus on investing and investor relationship management.

Portfolio Construction

Features of our Hedge Fund Software

  • Trade status: proposed trade -> committee approved trade -> executed trade -> reconciled trade.
  • Does this new trade break the strategy rules?
  • When am I allowed to generate that new redemption due to lockup and redemption period?
  • Construct watchlists
  • Notice period, redemption period, gates at investor and fund levels, soft and hard lockups.
  • Will the cash be locked for months (encumbered cash)?
  • How much cash will we have in one month, three months and twelve months for potential redemptions or asset subscriptions?Asset values in USD, GBP, CHF, JPY or EUR, or in %, daily and monthly.
  • Liquid (unencumbered cash) and illiquid cash (encumbered cash) in graphical and table formats.
  • Hedging with forward, profit and loss from hedging, automated forward rollover.
  • Portfolio converted into a single currency when the assets are in different currencies.
  • Ability to define cash inflows/outflows, stock dividends, additional fees through our trade blotter or using Excel or .xml imports.
Portfolio Construction

Hedge fund reporting with speed and intelligence

Our software gives you comprehensive, accurate and timely reporting, to both your team and your client. Custom reporting allows you to analyse, track and search with ease. The easy-to-use interface makes performance reporting straightforward, allowing investors to decompose return and manage risk and portfolio level exposure. Includes capability to export to Excel, portfolio time series net or gross, portfolio statistics (2,000 statistics), portfolio liquidity, funds' series. Same model as Bloomberg Excel API.

Comprehensive database platform

Our award-winning solution for portfolio construction and risk management is built around the capability to compare a vast number of funds simultaneously from over ten leading hedge fund databases.

We link to all funds, ETF and hedge funds databases, to Bloomberg, Refinitiv and Morningstar. There is also a fund data collection service from PDF and Excel.

Customized Reporting

IT infrastructure

Our technology platform and processes are designed for fast, accurate accounting and reporting. Information is sourced, processed and protected in a controlled environment.

  • User rights to define who has the right to perform a trade or to enter data.
  • Different rights to hedge funds for different employees in the company
  • Speed: extremely fast vs other software competitors

Portfolio Management

Software for Analysts

Report, analyse and learn, allowing you to stay on top of your strategies in a complex environment.

  • Portfolio volatility, beta, correlation, Value-at-Risk decomposition.

Software for Portfolio Managers

Allowing you to develop and implement investment strategies and make trading decisions with confidence. Combine your experience with our tools, minimising operational risk and optimising performance.

  • By positions, sectors, currencies, fx hedging, sectors.
  • Intraday trades supported by the Return Attribution model.

Our Awards

Best Risk Management Software 2021
Best Risk Management Software 2020
Best Risk Management Software 2019
Best Risk Management Software 2017

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