Here at AlternativeSoft, we pride ourselves on being different from our competitors and focus our efforts on where we have expertise. We believe that are core differentiating factors are:

1. We are easy to use

Our software is divided into 2 main modules (‘Asset Selection’ and ‘Portfolio Construction’). Each module is divided up into different buttons which solve various needs our users have to fulfill their daily analysis tasks. Buttons are easy to navigate, full of functionality and intuitive to be able to draw quick conclusions from.

2. We are fast to install, use and improve

We pride ourselves on being fast in several aspects – our clients find our software easy to install and maintain as well as scalable in an enterprise environment. Browsing within the software is fast and users save time with clever shortcuts, fast calculations of large arrays of data and advanced optimization engines for portfolios with long track records and a large number of assets. We are also very responsive to user feedback and often fixes or enhancements are delivered within a few days or weeks.

3. We have no black boxes

Our software is transparent and calculations are well illustrated within our HTML Help file and within additional PDF literature. We also strive to conduct physical and/or webmeeting training sessions with our clients on a regular basis to provide extra insights on new or existing features and answer any questions they may have. We are also clear in when we realistically expect new features to be available in our software and always attempt to provide accurate timelines to clients.

4. We have a high quality and qualified quantitative support service

From MSc to PhD to MBA – you name it and you’ll find it within our team of analysts operating in London. Our team will answer any quantitative or technical questions you may have. In addition to this, we have specialised colleagues who master the areas of Portfolio Management, database mapping and reporting. Our in-house reporting template Gurus (Akshay Lad and Mateja Spat) will also assist clients in customizing any templates which they use for reporting of portfolios or assets.

5. We can be easily integrated

We expect that our clients have both in house and third party tools and databases. That’s why we have ensured that our software can easily be integrated to work with these too. To complement this, we have created the AS Integrator – an XML based tool designed for integration. This allows full import/export of data to our software’s MS SQL database. We also support data migration via Excel. For clients needing assistance with this, AlternativeSoft is able to help you at no extra charge.
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