AlternativeSoft Anywhere

AlternativeSoft is a software platform which can be installed locally or hosted by the Cloud.

We offer a fully-managed service for hosting AlternativeSoft, your company’s shared MS SQL Server Database as well as Microsoft Office Professional.

This service allows you to have remote access to AlternativeSoft from anywhere:

Benefits at a Glance
Easy to use
Launch AS from anywhere, quickly and securely. Have the best of Cloud with a Desktop quality experience, working like magic.

You focus on using our software and completing your day to day responsibilities to select the best funds on the planet and fully-manage your portfolio from your fingertips, in a fast, fun, feature-rich manner.

Configure the set up exactly how you want it and based on what your IT team will be comfortable with. Load up the additional services and applications your company needs on top.
Pay for the resources your firm needs and have simple low cost contracts. Let us handle the cloud economics for you. Studies have proven these cost savings. What you need without the large capital outlays.
Scalable and reliable Amazon architecture, secure global computing infrastructure – the same used by Amazon’s multi-billion dollar online business proven over a decade. 99.95% service uptime This is the new standard.
Scalable and high-performance
Quickly upgrade, optimize up or down your resources on demand. Everything is simplified and managed by us to save your time. Access to resources when you need them.
Benefit from Amazon’s end-to-end approach, secure and hardened infrastrucure with physical, operational and software best practices – built for security-sensitive organizations – perfect for the world’s global investment professionals. Enterprise ready.
Backups of your AlternativeSoft database and the documents you use to work.

Alerts for scheduled maintenance.

Single Low Price
‘AlternativeSoft Software + Quantitative Support + Technical Support + Fully Managed in the Cloud + Data Bundles’ – 1 price, 1 invoice. Easy.

Lower IT expenditure and intervention required to keep everyone happy.

You can choose which databases you want access to, which regional datacentres you want to host your production and backups at, which specifications you prefer based on your usage requirements.
Quick-Switch into Tablet-Mode