AlternativeSoft unveils the latest version of it’s Alternative Investment Software.
AlternativeSoft is delighted to announce the release of the latest version of our flagship offering AlternativeSoft v3.6. With a reputation for consistently providing the latest academically proven quantitative models for fund analysis and portfolio construction, AlternativeSoft has once again positioned itself at the forefront of providing state-of-the-art software. The platform provides users with quantitative analytics, CRM functionality, and bespoke reporting support. We have added a suite of private equity fund analysis tools to the asset selection and portfolio construction modules, which currently covers hedge funds, long-only funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The latest customer enhancements in this major release include an enhanced Excel API functionality, which has been developed for private equity, peer group, exposure analysis, and portfolio management reporting. There are also a number of default templates provided to deliver an enhanced user experience. An update now allows exposure analysis for funds including outperformance decomposition, open protocol mapping, visualise if the returns are coming from long or short positions, apply weights constraints and explore alpha beta long/short enhancements. To assist with portfolio management, users will now have the ability to roll up to any series, access new rebalancing techniques, use FX futures to hedge a foreign hedge fund currency and import Google Holiday calendars which will be used in liquidity calculations. Within private equity we have developed an automated Excel API report, PE fund accounting and analysis. In addition, other enhancements now allow the software to be available anywhere there is internet access using Amazon WorkSpaces. Clients also have the ability to compare funds versus HFRI index constituents and Morningstar Peer Groups. There is a Tablet Mode for cloud users wanting AlternativeSoft on iPad. Automated and customised Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations for funds (or any other type of report that clients need). AlternativeSoft is based in the UK and Switzerland. We work with some of the largest fund allocators in the world. Our clients include the largest banks, small or large hedge funds, large fund advisory companies and the world’s biggest pension funds.

“We have been using AlternativeSoft for years. It is a powerful tool helping us to construct robust and well performing Hedge fund’s portfolios. We also like AlternativeSoft’s extensive and responsive support and that they constantly add features and improve the product.” VP Fund Solutions, Liechtenstein.

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