We know that analysing data and generating outperformance and alpha isn’t easy. You need to spend time focusing on your job not managing data. At AlternativeSoft we provide serious analysis for serious investors seeking alpha. We can collect all of your funds exposures for you from various sources including our data partner Allocator, Morningstar, your in-house excel or custom databases. All fully secured and automated.

Forget excel spreadsheets, AlternativeSoft’s Exposure Analysis tool makes it fast, is easy to use and provides plenty of functionality. We know every business is unique so everything is fully customisable to accommodate all your needs in one place. Whether it’s creating custom benchmarks, tracking managers or portfolios, breaking down alpha, decomposing risk and attribution returns – we’ve got you covered.

Once imported you can:

  • View fund exposure data.
  • Set your exposure benchmarks.
  • Monitor historical exposures bisectors market caps and geographies.
  • See the historical long and short books by weights and attributions at a frequency of your choice such as monthly or quarterly.
  • You can analyse time evolution of your historical exposures using rich graphics.
  • Check the geographical and sector exposures and concentrate on either the long short gross or net.
  • Understand managers net exposure on different geographical levels.
  • Check exposure attributions for any category such as geographic or sector.
  • Delve deeper and look into monthly attributions from the US, UK, consumer discretionary or utility sectors.
  • Finally, you can check out and confirm the manager’s performance from the long and short books across the sector allocations to determine whether they generate value and what they have promised you.

The type of questions our exposure analysis can help you answer:

  • Who are we exposed to…? (e.g. which funds/managers)
  • What are we exposed to…? (e.g. instruments, sectors, strategies, categories)
  • Where are we over/underexposed to…? (e.g. geographies, sectors)
  • When were we exposed to …? (e.g. how have exposures evolved over time?)
  • Why were we exposed to…? (e.g. does my investment thought process coincide with my actual exposures?)

Get your invested funds exposures and attributions at your fingertips today. We continually enhance the functionality of our model to make sure we always provide the features and functions our customers need.

If you would like to find out more about our Exposure Analysis tool please call us on 020 7510 2003 or visit here for more information.

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